Our products

Air Quality:

Ambient Air Quality, Indoor Air Quality, Particulate Monitoring, Portable Gas detection, fixed gas detection, Dust monitoring, toxic gases, Etc…..


Weather & Climate:

Wind speed, direction, rainfall, humidity, temperature etc..

Sound Measurements:

Portable personal sound level meters, dosimeters, continuous monitoring solution for

Application in Environmental and Airport noise monitoring

Flue Gas analysis (emission):

Continuous and portable instruments for monitoring and measuring Flue gas

Emissions from various plants,

Laboratory Equipment’s:  

GCMUS has wide range of products, and we can supply you products from any manufacturer at competitive price.

Water Quality:

Water & waste water, online monitoring, off shore monitoring, waste water discharge monitoring and measuring, and devices to measure

(PH, ORP, DO, Temp, H2S, Conductivity, Salinity …..Etc)

Food & Pharmaceutical Products:

GCMUS has complete range of analyzers and instruments for pharmaceutical & Food industry, such as water activity analyzers, Media, Filters, etc..,